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Be Adventurous: Eat It as If You Have Always Had It

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Although most first-time experiences are exhilarating, they can be confusing if you don't know how to approach them. It's hard to control feelings and excitement when you receive a birthday gift from a friend you dearly love. Now, what if it's a pendant, half-moon beach bag, knitted crochet slippers, a cross-body purse bag or a circlet you have never had? Won't you wonder when and how to use or wear them? The same happens when you get to the Korean restaurant and find some Korean BBQ recipes, soups and grilled meat dishes you have never tasted. However, don't make everyone in the restaurant know it's your first time to have these meals. See what you should do to look as if you have always had it:

Make Good Use of those "Banchan" 

The side dishes you find in a Korean BBQ restaurant are called "banchan", and they come in different types. Most of the grilled meat and dishes in Korean restaurants have vinegar and acid, and the servers use the side dishes to sample meals. The acid cuts through the grilled meat to make it yummy. Assorted veggies, eggplant, pickles and kimchee are some of the Korean dishes you should explore and eat like a Korean. Just shovel the meal into your mouth and assume everything else is fine. Hot grilled meat and fermented kimchee is a memorable combination. Use the free fills in the banchan to make your Korean BBQ awesome.

Enjoy Your Noodles Using the Wooden Chopsticks

Although using chopsticks when eating Korean meals doesn't come with some hard-and-fast rules, always use them right when dining. Wooden chopsticks are appropriate for cold or hot noodles since they grip them well. Ask for some wooden chopsticks if you only find metal ones on the table. If the restaurant doesn't have them–though this rarely happens–ask the server to get you a grip to use when eating grilled meat with noodles.

Don't Go Alone

It's hard to find an individual eating Korean BBQ alone in most Korean BBQ restaurants. Korean meat dishes are expensive. The meat dish is usually a large-format meal where you taste different types of grilled meat. While some people order them to fill their empty belly, others do so to quench their curiosity. It's more enjoyable to order different types of Korean dishes as a group and taste each of them. Invite about six friends for dinner at a Korean restaurant and ask them to bring cash since it's much easier than splitting your credit cards.

Be adventurous and explore new meals like someone who have always had them. Order marinated pork belly or short ribs, let the server flip your meat and don't ask for more than what you think you need. A cloudy rice wine (takju), basic rice wine (soju) and Korean light beer are alcoholic drinks to take as you eat Korean BBQ.