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How a point-of-sale ( POS) scale can help your cheese shop stay profitable

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It's a challenging retail environment for many industries. Food services, such as cheese shops, have even more pressure as excess inventory can quickly degrade and eat into your profit. Here are some ways that a point-of-sale (POS) scale can help your cheese shop stay profitable. 

Speed up sales and minimise work per sale

As your staff slices and weighs the cheese for each customer, then POS scale automatically calculates the cost of each piece of cheese and issues a barcode (usually on a sticky label which is attached the wrapped cheese). The cheeses can then all be scanned at the register and the total calculated easily. This makes it quicker to process each order, which minimises the amount of labour involved in each transaction and maximises the number of sales that you can process in each hour. It may mean you can have less staff on during busy times. 

Check inventory and minimise waste

Most cheese shops will offer free samples to customers to help them choose between cheeses. While this is a sensible way to encourage eager customers, as a manager you do need to keep an eye of the amount of cheese that is being given for free in order to make sure your store stays profitable. Using a POS scale to 'comp' these sales lets you keep a track of how much inventory of each cheese you have in stock and lets you track the amount of cheese given in samples each week. It can make your overall inventory management much simpler and more efficient. 

Minimise errors

By moving to a system where your staff uses a POS scale, there is less chance of staff making calculation errors in sales. Each section of the pricing becomes automated, from scanning a tag that enters the cheese drains into the scale to measuring the amount of cheese being purchased and then generating a sticky label to attach to the cheese for payment. This is better for your customers as they have more confidence in the amount that they are being charged. It also makes it easier to audit transactions and balance your books, which can help the business to stay profitable. 

If you run a cheese shop, buying a POS scale can be a sensible investment. It can help your shop to maximise sales, minimise pricing errors and help you to track the amount of cheese that have been sold versus what is still in stock.