Choosing a new food service provider for the staff canteen

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Catering Supplies Checklist: What You Need For Your Event

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As a catering company owner, you want to ensure your events go off without a hitch. Knowing what supplies and equipment you need is key to making sure an event runs smoothly. Here’s a checklist of items you should have on hand before each event. Serving Utensils Serving utensils are an essential piece of catering equipment for food preparation and presentation. Utensils provide an efficient way to portion out and serve food while adding a touch of sophistication to the presentation. Read More»

3 Key Features to Consider When Buying Catering Equipment for Your New Business

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One of the most important steps in starting a catering business is buying equipment and supplies. Some supplies are costly and require one to have huge capital. In an attempt to save money, one may end up with problematic equipment which will not only hurt the business but also lead to huge losses. Therefore, before buying equipment, consider the following key features and requirements. Equipment meets industry trends Before buying equipment and supplies for your new catering business, check prevailing trends in the industry. Read More»

Be Adventurous: Eat It as If You Have Always Had It

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Although most first-time experiences are exhilarating, they can be confusing if you don’t know how to approach them. It’s hard to control feelings and excitement when you receive a birthday gift from a friend you dearly love. Now, what if it’s a pendant, half-moon beach bag, knitted crochet slippers, a cross-body purse bag or a circlet you have never had? Won’t you wonder when and how to use or wear them? Read More»

Catering Ideas for a Summer Beach Wedding

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With the beautiful Australian weather, getting married on the beach is a popular way to make your wedding day spectacular and memorable. For many people, taking advantage of the pleasant climate and moving the celebrations outdoors beats everyone being cooped up inside and lets everyone enjoy some fresh ocean air as they partake in the festivities. If you are arranging a beach wedding, it’s important to arrange the theme around your setting, or you risk having elements that just don’t fit. Read More»

6 Finger Foods For Vegan Party Guests

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If you’re organising a buffet for a party and have vegan guests to consider, you may be wondering what finger food options are available. Thankfully, caterers now offer a wider choice of finger foods, and buffets aren’t limited to the chicken wings and sausage rolls of yesteryear. Here are a few examples of vegan finger foods that can be enjoyed by all your guests: Sweet Potato Falafels Made with roasted sweet potatoes, these falafels are seasoned with cumin, garlic and fresh coriander. Read More»

How a point-of-sale ( POS) scale can help your cheese shop stay profitable

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It’s a challenging retail environment for many industries. Food services, such as cheese shops, have even more pressure as excess inventory can quickly degrade and eat into your profit. Here are some ways that a point-of-sale (POS) scale can help your cheese shop stay profitable.  Speed up sales and minimise work per sale As your staff slices and weighs the cheese for each customer, then POS scale automatically calculates the cost of each piece of cheese and issues a barcode (usually on a sticky label which is attached the wrapped cheese). Read More»